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How do I use the GV-x cables?

There is nothing to it! Plug your wall wart power adapter into the GV-x cable then plug the connectors of the GV-x cable into your effect pedals. Unlike what you may have seen from other manufacturers, you don't need any special pedals to use the GV-x cables.

How is it possible for me to power multiple effect pedals with one power adapter?
We will use the Boss PSA-120 power adapter for an example. The PSA-120 is rated at 200mA. This means 200mA are available for the effect pedals to use. Most effect pedals only use a small amount of mA's (milliamps). As long as the pedals attached to the power adapter don't use over 200mA combined, there is no problem.

What if all of my pedals combined use more mA's than my power adapter supplies?
Lets say your power adapter puts out 100mA. You have five effect pedals. If they each require 15mA to run then the total mA (milliamps) usage would be 75mA. No problem! If they each require 25mA to run then the total mA usage would be 125mA. Your pedals are trying to take more power than the adapter can give them. Your adapter will burn up!

How do I find out how many mA (milliamps) my pedal uses?
There are a few places you can look. The best place to look is in the manual that came with your pedal. If you don't have a manual look in our Stomp Box Information section or do a search on the internet.

Will the GV-x cables cause any hissing noises in my sound?
Not at all. The GV-x daisy chain power cables cause no annoying hissing in your audio signal. Noise is sometimes heard when unregulated power adapters are used on pedals which require a regulated power adapter.

Do I have to use all of the connectors on the GV-x cables at one time for it to work?
You can use any connector in any position to power your pedals and you do not need to have all of the connectors in use for the cable to function properly.

What is the difference between the Boss PSA-Series and ACA-Series adapters?
The PSA-120 is a regulated power supply which means that no matter how much of a load you put on it, it will always send out exactly 9 volts. The ACA-120 is unregulated and its voltage drops as the load increases. Different pedals work best with the power supply designed to suit its needs. For example, most digital pedals like the DD-5 need the PSA while some distortion boxes work better with an ACA.

Last updated: 01-Nov-2011   |   Contact: sales@pedalboard.net