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You have an effect pedal collection to be proud of but you can't afford to use them. Buying batteries all the time has drained all your funds and power adapters are way too expensive. Finally a solution; the GV-4, GV-6, and GV-8 daisy chain power cables. Distribute power to up to four pedals with the GV-4, up to six pedals with the GV-6, and up to eight pedals with the GV-8 power cable. There is no need to buy one of those over priced 'power pedals' to distribute power. Click on the Q and A link for more information.

Only $9.95
Status: Available

GV-6 Only $13.95
Status: Available

GV-8 Only $17.95
Status: Available

The RPL-4 and RPL-8 are compatible replacement cables for the Boss PSM-5, TU-2, NS-2, and LS-2 effect pedals. If you bought one of these pedals without the cable or if your cable has broken you can get a new one here.

RPL-4 Only $8.95
Status: Available

RPL-8 Only $13.95
Status: Available

The CON-1 is a 2.1mm connector that can be used to replace those odd power input connectors that you may have on some of your pedals. It can also be used to add a power connector to those without one. (Ex. wah pedals, old DOD pedals, Ross pedals, etc.)

CON-1 Only $3.00
Status: Available




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