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West Virginia Musicians Network
If you are a musician who lives in West Virginia then visit this site and hook up with other musicians in the area. The website includes useful resources and forums.

Tuki Covers
High quality covers for amplifies, guitars, and more. You won't be let down with a Tuki cover. Custom work is availiable.
Guitar store specializing in new and used guitars, basses, amplifiers, accessories, parts and lessons. They have a great selection of musical instruments with highly personalized service.
The name says it all. Pickups, pick guards, switches, wiring diagrams, and more.
If you need parts or information on guitar electronics visit this website.
Here is a great resource for Ibanez pedals. Nothing else comes close to the detail that Mark Simpson has graciously provided to the internet community.

General Guitar Gadgets
This site provides detailed instructions for building your own electric guitar effects.

Kangaroo Amp Covers
Kangaroo Amp Covers- The next best thing to having your own roadie.

Acoustic Guitar Workshop
Authentic acoustic blues guitar tuition from one of the world's best players online.
Your source for vintage and used guitar effects.


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